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Wine Cellar

  A unique marketing concept for our assorted wines.

As the saying goes  in vino veritas „the truth is in the wine“

Wine can be considered to be the oldest product of  human kind. According to some inconclusive evidence the first traces of winery date back to about 6000 B.C. in Georgia. From that moment on, winemaking rapidly spread round the world thus becoming the majestic drink of the kings of Mesopotamia and Egypt. The first wine labels are mentioned in Egypt with inscription mentioning the geographical origin of the wine. This information points to the weight the old Egyptians were giving to the importance of region for further development and style of winegrowing. Following Egypt, the wine first spread  to the ancient Greece where it got its first god, Dionysius, which shows  high reverence wine was given by the Ancient Greeks. After conquering the Apenine peninsula the Greeks disseminated the wine culture as well, and the land was named Entoria.


             “Recept” Wine Cellar, decorated in contemporary style cherry wood color, is an ideal place for lovers of quality wine. Our offer includes carefully selected,  imported and local fine wines at extremely favorable price. We have given special attention to Portuguese wines and  believe that we have managed to achieve the best balance of quality and price.

You can always ask our waiters and get more information about any specific wine.                                                                                                                                         

On weekdays, at Recept Restaurant you can drink wine at incredibly affordable prices, with the following opening fee/ corkage:


FOR WINE UNDER 1.000,00 DIN.                                CORKAGE FEE  1                   500,00

FOR WINE COSTING MORE THAN 1.000,00 DIN.     CORKAGE  FEE 2               1.000,00

YOUR WINE                                                                       CORKAGE FEE  3                   800,00


On  Saturdays you can taste and drink wine at purchase prices without surcharge for corkage service.




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Galerija - Slika Recept Wine