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The Art of Taste

The Art of Taste

Every day outstanding Beef Wellington, book on time

Food that warms: Perfect Beef wellington for all tastes. Fantastic baked, vrhuskog quality book on time because they are limited in terms of quantity. Possibility of delivery to the desired address in New Belgrade. Beef wellington or loves or likes. Thus prepared meal in the true sense of specialty, and those who do not like beefsteak not know what the loss. No protection, but only we who worship him to know what the loss. This is something that can not be wrong because what is really important is the meat the way it is. Everything else is left to our tastes, but again, in whatever way you eat Beef wellington will enchant all your senses. If you are not able to prepare themselves somewhere in your surroundings, you can always visit us. We do it in our own unique and unrepeatable way ...

Do not forget one of the most recipes with you, we want to share the recipe for Beef Wellington. Simply prepared beefsteak, sticky finger and soul. Irresistibly crispy crust and magically soft flesh beneath. To be clear, we never tried to bake meat in a different way. This recipe shared with you, our top master to prepare beefsteak. With all that in our and other tables, the prepared beefsteak belongs to the TOP 5 meals you've ever eaten.

Beefsteak because it is really great. Beginning in color, which is a little darker, over a crisp, salty and 'just the right amount' baked peel. The meat is very tasty and soft, as our people would say - it melts in your mouth. With waiters easily and quickly agree on the choice of meat (krtina, ribs, with more or less the peel) that you want. All in all you can really enjoy a nice Beef Wellington in the middle of Belgrade that leaves you breathless.

Cherishing the old spirit and tradition of good service, we have created confidence among our fellow citizens and until now proudly hosted many lovers of good food and drinks. The traditional way of preparing food from a variety of carefully selected ingredients according to old recipes, allowed us to gain regular customers, who heartily recommend our restaurant. What makes us different from others is the premier provider and a truly remarkable taste and smell of roasted meat extraordinary. Beef wellington which are prepared by our masters, will delight you with its neodoljvim taste and specify that stop by again to us.

For our restaurant we chose sale of quality beef meat. When you want good company or the family enjoy the best beefsteak, our restaurant is the right choice for you. Beefsteak from our magnify all your celebrations and we believe delight your guests. Our greatest motivation for further work, represent your positive reviews and praise that we are making. We strive every day to the trust you have shown us justify our commitment and very friendly service. We invite you to be our guest and enjoy the Beef Wellington specialties, prepared the traditional way.

Beefsteak best in town! ------------ Excellent Beefsteak! ------------ ------------ Recommendations hottest most delicious meat Beef Wellington!

Celebrations are getting closer, you know what to do, visit us and try this our top specialty! Another nice thing is that the culinary elite gathered in one interesting place in our restaurant recipes. If you are wondering where to find us, where we drink coffee and where we gather to exchange ideas and recipes, the answer is a restaurant recipes.