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- In addition, we offer the best karaoke and a wide array of live music -

The restaurant good recipe will be carried out in the circle of friends, and with foreign and domestic music repertoire, performed by top musicians and artists, you will quickly forget the past grueling work week and indulge in maximum enjoyment.

Wonderfully bohemian place that will truly delight all lovers of life worded his great and unparalleled musical repertoire, can cheer and over 50 people. The restaurant recipe, as the name suggests, a place which is composed of recipes that are collected from all great masters of bohemian and transmitted to this restaurant just to beomske new generations can enjoy the restaurant as it once was and the kind of restaurant with a set of May we remember. Everything has been designed for the true bohemian enjoyment.

"Restaurant Recipes" has all that is necessary to enjoy a good time. Here you will also find all the songs without which happiness and taverns would not have survived this

From the restaurant recipe you can expect only the best in entertainment, this is the perfect place for all the important moments in your life, a chance to be the one true bohemian town meet up with dear friends and share a glass of a good time with the best bohemian note that apply equally to all generations.

"Restaurant Recipes" will always have for you right song and the right word, happiness here gets the right one bohemian dimension that is maintained on stable legs through all these years.

Here's a fun relaxed atmosphere is homely and memorable time. So, begin your story with a restaurant that is made of pure bohemian soul, the most beautiful and happiest in the city, restaurant recipes. A unique restaurant specific spirit and energy, offers you a great time with live music and recipes Bend.

"Restaurant Recipes" is a kind of sanctuary for socializing, always full of music,
talented people and beautiful women. We are committed to our guests and their desires through a combination of the highest standards and the famous Serbian hospitality.

About the restaurant apply many beautiful stories, and we strive to be remembered and to contribute to the creation of new ones. Welcome to the extraordinary world of high hedonism, which is based on two basic rules - stunning food and good drink!