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Great service

Great service

Home and family warm atmosphere of the pub / restaurant recipe

The first association of restaurant recipes in Belgrade is, great food, a feeling that you are always welcome, the smell of good food and mood, relaxation among his own. Recipe restaurant as a place to which few other places can be compared.

It is our pleasure to present to you a unique restaurant in the city that its ambience and homely atmosphere free instant of promises pleasant. Recipe Restaurant has become a meeting place
lovers of good food and even better drinks always in the mood for socializing and story. Wanting to keep the authenticity, we have invested a lot of love when decorating the restaurant. All of us who have visited at least once say that the energy that emanates makes the guests feel comfortable at all times. It is primarily designed to offer its guests a pleasant and warm atmosphere to the ambience and servic

We have a restaurant that is always ready to meet your expectations, we often host a variety of companies that are in our organizing your corporate events. If you are not the big wedding, and you want to capture your, we will help you celebrate your wedding day on your way to our restaurant full of tradition. Our cooked dishes taste and quality is memories of specialties from "grandma's kitchen". If you do not have much time, and you have a solution in the form of a special menu. Of course, if you want to eat with a spoon,, "Our door is always open ...

If you want your foreign friends rejoice exceptional cuisine and a wide variety of wines, you will be satisfied with our offer. If you are celebrating a birthday or glory with our attentiveness will do it in a simple and memorable way.

The restaurant recipes in addition to the built-in spirit home atmosphere provided by his hosts more pleasant ambiance makes a menu that is rich in local specialties prepared according to old recipes. Serving corn bread and cheese, which serve as an introduction to gastronomy and still are traditionally used as welcome guests who keep coming back. You will enjoy excellent mezetlucima, veal and pork ribs pie, grilled, traditionally cooked meals, preserves, cakes.

A restaurant that brings together people of good will and all generations will give you the opportunity to enjoy and fully enjoy the magic of hedonism on our way. In a very relaxed atmosphere of our restaurant recipes you'll enjoy outstanding cuisine that will elevate your senses. Will delight even the most gourmands fantastic offer on the menu of our restaurant. Feel free to let yourself enjoy the taste of national cuisine, prepared by our exceptional chefs. On this special place wonderful aroma authentic flavors cross the road from the skilled hands of our chef to your plates and heart.

With particular attention to cater to the needs and requirements of our esteemed guests. Come and see the quality of our food, heat environment, and especially the quality of service and service. The restaurant recipe you back fullness, smell and taste the very best out of your life. Restaurant Recipe - here's a fun relaxed, homely atmosphere in the team, the restaurant has all the parameters necessary for your good time and enjoying superb.