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RECEPT makes fantastic BRUNCHES!

RECEPT makes  fantastic BRUNCHES!

We offer a large selection of traditional Serbian dishes, grilled dishes on traditional charcoal, and recently, the specialties of Italian cuisine.

On weekdays  RECEPT Restaurant invites you to great BRUNCHES! Buffet with home cooking! For a full stomach you will also need a good mood! Seize the opportunity! The restaurant has a capacity for 45 people (sitting), has its own parking and garden, which makes it perfectly suitable for organized celebrations. The friendly staff and top chefs will make your celebration even better! Your party can enjoy live music or karaoke. Leading bands and singers will perform for you  in the RECEPT Restaurant evergreen hits, as well as the latest ones, but all equally dear to us.

Enough of boasting. We leave you open invitation to visit us, and when you do - you will become our permanent and dear guests.